Fire Suit

We are authorised distributer of BRISTOL UNIFORMS product from UK . BRISTOL UNIFORMS  with more than 200 years history and experience is expert in making Fire Suit exactly according to your needs as a firefighter:


Bristol’s entry level structural fire coat and trousers features a short style coat designed with ergonomic fit. An adequate overlap with the trouser top avoids gapping when stretching and bending.

Combining DuPontTM Nomex® Tough (Delta T) with Gore-Tex Fireblocker offers Level 2 performance to EN 469:2005.

Available in a range of colours, including blue, orange and yellow, the B-Tech comes in 28 male and female sizes.


Ergotech Action

Bristol’s Ergotech Action design, developed after careful research and extensive user trials into the ergonomics of firefighter activities most frequently involved in day-to-day firefighting, has become the standard by which lightweight firefighter PPE is measured for comfort and performance.Ergotech Action incorporates the latest technical fabrics and has been designed and developed in close collaboration with the world’s leading fibre and fabric manufacturers and has become a globally recognised design by fire authorities looking to equip their firefighters with PPE which combines class leading protection with low physiological impact.

In addition to the comfort features of the Ergotech design, Ergotech Action also offers special shaping for optimal PPE compatibility and greater rotational mobility. Special shoulder shaping makes for greater comfort when wearing breathing apparatus whilst greater reach manoeuvrability is achieved by incorporating a larger underarm gusset.

In common with most Bristol firefighter PPE offerings, Ergotech Action is available in 28 male and female sizes and comes in a range of 8 colours with others available as special order options.



XFlex is Bristol's latest silhouuette in light-weight firefighting PPE. Ergonomically desgined it gives the ultimate in fit and comfort for the maximum number of body types. XFlex has distinctive sports styling and offers a garment combination that is suitable for the various hazardous roles associated with a fire-fighter's work.

Fabric combination have been designed to give the optimum performance whilst being light in weight to minimise heat stress.

All layers are breathable and with wickable lining reduce the built up of heat . 

Certified by En-469:2005 Level 2 and complying with EN343 waterproof and EN1149 Anti-static standards. 


North American : NFPA

As a major global supplier of firefighter clothing, Bristol designs firefighter clothing to suit all major international standards including the NFPA specification which is used in North America and widely in Central and South America. In fact, Bristol was the first company to supply NFPA type firefighter PPE, manufactured from European fabrics in the UK, to users in the USA.

Bristol’s NFPA PPE meets the recognised standard NFPA 1971:2013 and is tested independently by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) who carry out rigorous testing on all materials, components and finished garments.

There are two different designs available in different fabric combinations. Bristol's XFlex design is now available and certified to the NFPA:2013 standard as well as the Ergotech model.


XFlex : NFPA

The XFlex design has been developed and will also meet NFPA 2013 . The ergonomic desgin gives the ultimate in fit and comfort for the maximum number of body types . XFlex has distinctive sports styling and is available in fabric combination that are suitable for the various hazardous roles associated with a fire-fighter's work.

The NFPA XFlex suits are avilable in the following fabric combination:

Outer: Hainsworth TITAN1220 or Pbi Matrix

Moisture Barrier: Crosstech Black

Inner Lining : Thermal Barrier quilted to Nomex filament lining which wicks the sweat away from the body and also is "slippery" for ease when putting the grament on and taking them off. 



In a move away from the traditional approach to PPE design, firefighters are issued with fire coats and trousers designed for structural firefighting to be used for all operational activities. We have designed and introduced a new layered approach using three garments, which when used in different combinations, provide the required levels of protection for structural and wildland firefighting as well as technical rescue operations.These garments have been designed to ensure that a firefighter is wearing garments which are suitable for the role being undertaken, rather than wearing structural fire clothing for all roles (including Technical Rescue and Wildland firefighting).The ensemble consists of three garments: 

A RescueFlex Jacket

An XFlex Outer Jacket

An XFlex Trouser


Bristol Motorcycle Suit

Bristol's Motorcycle suit is a new desgin which is dual certified to meet both the European Standard for Professional Motorcycle Riders and also the European Standrad for fire-fighters'Clothing . The Standards are met as follows:

  • Protective Clothing for Professional Motorcycle Riders BS EN13595-1:2002 Level 2.
  • Motorcyclists Protective Clothing Against Mechanical Impact Part 1: Requirements and Test Methods for Impact Protectors BS EN1621-1: 1998.
  • Motorcyclists Protective Clothing Against Mechanical Impact Part 2: Motorcyclists Back Protectors - Requirements and Test Methods BS EN1621-1: 2003.
  • Protective Clothing for Fire-figthers - Performance Requirements for Protective Clothing for Fire-fighting BS EN469: 2005 Level 2.